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Rules of the Academy

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1 Rules of the Academy on Thu Jan 16, 2014 9:42 pm


Forum Rules
No not double post. Double posting is where you post twice on the same topic. It is not tolerated.
Please do not spam.
Do not curse.
Fighting is not tolerated here.
Do not make sexual jokes.
This academy has 0 toleration for disrespect. Staff member or not. Do not disrespect.
Don't evade your bans.
Don't post harmful links.
Do not argue with staff. This also counts as disrespecting a member of this academy, so just don't do it.
Chatbox Rules
Don't disrespect others.
No cursing.
Don't spam.
Do not abuse CAPS.

Chatbox Warnings:

1st Warning: A kick from Chatbox
2nd Warning: A 5 minute ban from Chatbox
3rd Warning: 24 hour ban from Chatbox
4th Warning: 3 day ban from Chatbox
5th Warning: Perma banned from Chatbox

Forum Warnings:

1st Warning: Warning
2nd Warning: 24 hour ban
3rd Warning: 1 week ban
4th Warning: 1 week ban
5th Warning: IP Ban

NOTE: Chatbox warnings reset each day. Forum warnings DO NOT!

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